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The following applications are utilizing Gtk# for their GUI elements. This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list, but instead a demonstration of real-world, non-trivial applications currently moving forward using Gtk# technology. Gtk# is still API unstable, so developing your application in Gtk# may involve some minor pain as we refine and improve the API, but we are quickly converging on a stable API.


Gnunit is a graphical nunit testing application. It uses a glade GUI definition file and Glade# to load the GUI. It loads pixbufs as resources and has string translation. Development of gnunit occurs in the nunit-gtk module of the mono cvs repository. Code is also accessible on the web.

Monodoc Browser Screenshot

Monodoc Browser

The Monodoc browser is a document viewer and editor. The application uses the Gtk.HTML class to render its documentation content. Development of monodoc occurs in the mono cvs repository. The browser code is located in the browser subdirectory of the module, which is also accessible on the web.

Monodoc Browser Screenshot

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